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Introducing “Kokoro Counseling Net”

“Kokoro Counseling Net” is a Web Counseling Service in which you can connect with an experienced professional counselor one-on-one.
There may be times when you are hesitant to talk about your concerns at work or home and don’t know what to do about them, when you’d like someone to listen to you, or when your concerns regarding work start causing physiological issues, etc. This service will support you in solving your concerns by deepening your understanding of them.
Since this web counseling system is administered via the Internet, those of you who may feel hesitant to receive face-to-face counseling, live far away, or are busy with work, etc. can feel free to use this service anonymously without the inconvenience of time or location.

  • Feature
    A team of experienced counselors including certified clinical psychologists who have contracts with FISMEC work with the clients. In addition to the Web Counseling Service, telephone counseling is also available depending on the content of the contract with your organization or business. Please check with the organization or business you belong to about the details of the service availability.
  • Precautions
    The service by “Kokoro Counseling Net” can only be used by individuals belonging to organizations or businesses that have contracts with FISMEC, the governing body of a company specializing in mental health. Please be reminded that you will not be able to receive the service if your organization or business does not have a contract with FISMEC.
    The “FAQs” section of this website has more information about the service. Please read carefully about the benefits, limits, and potential risks, etc. of the Web Counseling. Receiving the service will mean you have read and understood the precautions.
  • How to Use the Service
    When accessing “Kokoro Counseling Net”, you need a corporate contract code. Before starting counseling, you need to register your username, email address, etc.
  • Security
    The system operation of “Kokoro Counseling Net” complies with FISMEC’s privacy policy, which was set based on the Personal Information Protection Act and has adopted the “secure server with SSL encryption specification” authenticated by GeoTrust, Inc.

June 1, 2006
“Kokoro Counseling Net”
FISMEC Co., Ltd.