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The Terms of Use for “Kokoro Counseling Net”

“Kokoro Counseling Net” is provided for customers from organizations and businesses under contract by mental health professionals, such as certified clinical psychologists, to work with a variety of concerns and psychological issues as a web counseling service, which has been founded and is operated by Fismec Co., Ltd. (the FISMEC). When you access “Kokoro Counseling Net” and use “the Web Counseling Service by Kokoro Counseling Net”, you will need to abide by all the conditions and related laws indicated below. Even when you access the website from outside of Japan, you will be accountable for obeying the laws of your local area. By accessing this website and browsing the homepage, it is understood that you have agreed to the following conditions.

  • 1、 User Limitations
    This website can be used by individuals belonging to organizations and businesses which have signed a contract with FISMEC. When using the service, you are considered to have agreed to comply with the Terms of Use. If FISMEC, which provides the service, determines that you have violated the Terms of Use, it can discontinue your service.
  • 2、Copyrights
    Copyrights regarding all the texts, images, sounds, videos, etc. used by “the Web Counseling Service by Kokoro Counseling Net” belong to FISMEC unless otherwise specified, and except for “the private use” and “quotation” which are allowed under the copyright laws, unauthorized use and reproduction are prohibited.
  • 3、Guarantee of Copyrighted Work
    FISMEC is not accountable for any damage or virus on your computer or device caused by any content, data, text, or images displayed on this website.
  • 4、Liability of Damage
    The use and browsing of this website, as well as all resulting consequences, are your responsibility. FISMEC is not accountable for any damage caused by access to or use of this website.
  • 5、Use of Personal Information
    FISMEC uses your personal information only for the purpose of this service and does not provide it to a third party. However, in accordance with the Privacy Policy, the information may be used for statistical purposes in a form that does not identify any individual.
  • 6、Deletion of Counseling Data, etc.
    Please do not discuss topics which are publicly offensive or immoral in counseling. The administrator may delete any counseling data, etc. which is considered offensive, immoral, or inappropriate without any notice.
  • 7、Trademarks
    The trademark, logo, and service mark (collectively called the “trademarks”) are FISMEC’s registered or unregistered trademarks.
  • 8、Operation of Website
    FISMEC may stop the operation of this website without any advanced notice in order to perform maintenance. Moreover, the administrator may add, modify, or discontinue any service on this website without any advanced notice.
  • 9、Revision of Conditions
    FISMEC may revise these conditions anytime. Because you are bound by the revised conditions after any revision, please open this page regularly and be sure to review the latest conditions.
  • 10、Use of Cookies
    This website uses cookies. Cookies are very small text files which save necessary information on your computer to identify the access from your computer. You may change the browser setting to not allow the use of cookies; however, in that case, you will not be able to use some of the functions on this website (auto-saving your ID and password).